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Unisource Marine Equipment

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Business scope: Marine rubber fenders, floating fenders and pneumatic rubber fenders, transportation, housing construction, water conservancy engineering rubber products and machinery manufacturing, sales and installation; oil drilling equipment, automobiles, ships and all kinds of rubber machinery parts manufacturing, sales; rubber seals and other rubber products and accessories manufacturing and technical service etc.. The main products are: rubber dam, gas shield dam, rubber bearings, pot bearings for highway bridges, buildings and bridges, ball type bearing rubber bearing, clutch rubber gasbag, rubber fender, sealing and military products etc.

We passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, the national environmental management system and occupation health and safety management system certification in the same industry in the country, enjoy good market reputation and good corporate image in the customers.

Ahead of the resultant rubber company is focus on industrial rubber products, with high-tech leading domestic and international support, with excellent team based on modern information management platform, to improve the traditional products, develop new products, to cultivate a strong overall competitiveness, the goal to become a leader in Chinese rubber products industry rubber products, international market strong competitors.

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